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About Us | 123abc Little Learner's Academy
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123abc Little Learners' Academy Provides:

  • Educator created, 123abc Little Learners' Academy Infant Care Center and Preschool presents an highly academic curriculum targeting the whole child: fine/gross motor physical education, social interactions, math logic, science experiences, English language arts, fine & creative art, reading literacy through music, Spanish language arts and sign language. We do not believe in a television, movie, and computer¬†learning environments. We believe in traditional learning through active play, teacher direct instruction, glue, paint, music, dancing, and multiple language learning. (English, Spanish, and American Sign Language).
  • Nutritious meals and snacks (organic milk and filtered water always).
  • Parents receive monthly curriculum overview, report cards twice a year, and unlimited access to teachers and administration.
  • School designed specifically for young children's safety. We specialize in providing a safe school for children with allergies to bleach, peanut, nut, egg, gluten, and support other allergies.
  • Approved partner in early childhood education and child find: Prince William County Public Schools, City of Manassas Public Schools, Manassas City Public Schools.
  • Medically training staff support children with severe food allergies, support children with speech/language delays, and support children with limited mobility.


123abc Little Learners' Academy is a year-round (Monday through Friday, 6:00am-6:30pm) private school and infant care center. Sorry, transportation is not provided.


All About Us: 123abc Little Learners' Academy

Children learn through playing, painting, dancing, singing, feeling with their hands, and imagining. To teach young children it takes more than carefully thought out worksheets or one size fits all that most day care preschools provide; it takes teaching with all the senses. At 123abc Little Learners' Academy the children have a traditional classroom setting and learning zones where the student learns new skills through hands-on play. The children are in motion mentally and physically. All preschool classes follow the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) for Kindergarten: Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Spanish, American Sign Language,as well as, Handwriting Without Tears.

Below is an example of how children were taught one day in October (two hours) in the classroom. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Preschool @ a Glance:

Circle Time - calendar, weather, Spanish, sign language, stretching, singing, review of previous lesson(s), and preparation for today's activities.

Painting Easel - for mass motor skill work with letters, number, scale and directions.

Math Center - sorting by color, counting objects, feeling the shape of a number, and seeing the relationship of it all.

Language Arts - example "The Story of a Pumpkin Seed" where student sort, order, and create a story from beginning to end to make their own book.

Sensory Lesson Example - using plastic buckets and professional sensory table, students learn through feeling and imagining..in this example the children painted after feeling objects in a large quantity of candy corn.

Science Center Preparation - the students cut out or use pre-cut shapes (depending on skill ability) to complete the design of a wagon, then the children glued the shapes to complete the picture, after they took an actual wagon outside to pick pumpkins from the playground.

Not Pictured: During the same week of this lesson, the students washed their class pumpkin, cleaned out the seeds, made projects with the seeds, ate roasted seeds, planted seeds in a pot of dirt and in plastic bags in a window, transferred their pumpkin sprouts to their houses, and presented the director with potted new pumpkin plants to grow for next October in her office.



The Story of the Green Build in 2009/2010: 123abc Little Learners' Academy is absolutely beautiful, and nearly all of it is recycled and reused. The paint on the walls is the new environmentally safe paint that also is really easy to clean off dirty finger smudges. The floor tiles are made of 100% recycled plastic. The classroom furniture was heading to the dump after 10 to 55 years of use in a local elementary school about to be bulldozed. Some of the furniture is being used as it was designed, but some has been redesigned into other functions..like the front desk, which was once the school librarian's desk. The windows and building materials used in the room walls came from the Habitat For Humanity ReSell Store. We use stainless steal forks and spoons instead of plastic. We use real plates and bowls instead of paper. We filter our water instead of buying plastic bottled water. We have and continue to make the effort to be green. We clean with environmentally responsible and safe products. Finally we teach children through our curriculum and examples how to appreciate our natural resources; including eating unprocessed and organic.

Note: We are not purest in the green movement, but we do our part to educate and promote.


In 2009, a local need for inclusive schools where all children learn together was founded Teaching Challenged Children Incorporated. In September 2009, 123abc Little Learners' Academy was opened in Manassas Park, Virginia. This private early childhood education center supports children with learning differences, physical challenges, food/environmental allergies in a majority non-challenged student population (a ratio of 20% challenged to 80% non-challenged). 123abc Little Learners' Academy quickly established as a preschool of high academic quality in the community. 123abc Little Learners' Academy works collaboratively with Prince William County Public School District, Manassas City Public School District, Manassas Park City School District, and George Mason University for the support of educational opportunities for young children.

In 2011, 123abc Little Learners' Academy received an award of recognition as an outstanding education provider from the National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs. 123abc Little Learners' Academy applied for and received a United States Department of Education: Infant and Toddler Grant. In 2014 and 2016, the academy again was rewarded with excellent in education grants and was able to provide in school training to all teaching staff. Under the direction of Tobie Chrisman, Director 123abc Little Learners' Academy, consistent, quality training has been established as the culture of the academy.