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Infant Center Program

Our infant director was always concerned about putting her own children into day care, and when she was recruited to found the infant program at 123abc Little Learner's Academy, she was determined to create a warm and loving nursery. She believes 100% that babies must be held, played with, and they are to be put on their own personal needs schedule. Every baby is fed and changed on demand. Most of all, the director respects the wishes of the parents. The nursery is light, bright, and very clean. We support breast milk babies by providing a subzero freezer storage for our parents to store their infants' milk supply. We make all formula bottles fresh with filtered water that is exclusive to the infant room. Parents have full access by web camera, phone, and in person to their babies. When babies are able to crawl they have a separate playroom from the tummy time infants. When babies turn into strong walkers, self feeding and drinking, and parents are ready then babies move into the small toddler program.


Smaller class sizes and higher staff/child ratios
Infant Room is exclusive to enrolled babies. We do not accept drop-in or short-term admissions due to exposure of illness possibilities to our enrolled babies. We have a minimum ratio of 4 babies to one care giver, and always under the supervision of our Infant Director.

Intensive Professional Development
The entire staff is provided on-going staff training once a month curriculum planning, and internet professional development courses.

Infant Program: Curriculum of Gymboree Developmental Program.


Featured Staff: Director of Infant Program



Mrs. Tobie Chrisman, Director of Infant Program

Mrs. Chrisman has been our Infant Program Director since 2010. After being in the office world for many years, she dedicated her life to being a mother and caregiver.  She has gotten the stamp of approval from every grandmother of every infant at the academy - that is high praise. Our active infant playroom is bright and has a tree shade playing area where exploratory play for crawlers and new walkers take place. The entire infant room is 1200 sq feet and has the capacity for 16 infants, but we only accept 12 infants at a time in make sure we provide quality at all times. Infant development is fostered through use of the Gymboree Curriculum. Tobie utilizes floor and lap play techniques to implement the Gymboree goals and objectives of eye, hand, body, language, and cognititive development.

Tobie Chrisman has a well organized and safe infant center. The intense cleaning of all surfaces is done personally by Tobie and under her supervision. No janitors or cleaning companies are even allowed through the door. She cleans with non-toxic, environmentally responsible cleaning products and heats the floors and rugs nightly with super hot sanitizing steam.

Mrs. Chrisman welcomes and supports the parents who make their own organic baby food. She has a subzero freezer to store breast milk, and ask parents who use formula to allow her to make the bottles fresh with her heated filtered water system. By making formula up fresh it is much quicker than reheating a cold pre-made bottle, which reduces the stress of a hungry infant.

When Tobie's two older children were young she was a stay at home mother and never considered using a day care center until her third child. Wanting to return to work, Tobie took her infant son to her carefully chosen center, she did not make it out of the parking lot before she was overwhelmed with fears and tears. It was only a matter of a few days that Tobie felt certain that the ladies did not have her son in their hearts, and felt they did not hold him or protect him with love. She took him home and did not accept the position at 123abc Little Learners' Academy as Infant Center Supervisior until her last child was entering the second grade. Mrs. Chrisman's best qualifications are her experiences as a stay at home mother and her OCD for cleanliness. In addition, she has received and continues to attend professional development courses in infant and toddler development. In other words, Tobie Chrisman understands how parents feel and what they need from her as they hand over their babies each morning.