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We believe that safety includes cleanliness and quality food. We extensively clean our academy day and night - ask us about this on your scheduled tour. We also use as much organic food and milk as possible. We also adhere to the special food allergies needs of each and every person in the academy as part of our daily services.

It is our sincere desire for every child who leaves the academy to be academically, socially, and emotionally ready to be at the top of their peers in Kindergarten or First Grade.

Free Additional Classes For All Children:

·     Spanish Language Class

·     American Sign Language Class

·     Reading Readiness Program



Professional Staff:



Mrs. Olga Orlova, Lead Teacher

Mrs. Orlova was a kindergarten teacher in her former country of Uzbekistan, before founding and directing for many years her own private prekinder school. Olga Orlova has a teaching degree in early education. Following her husband's career, their family relocated in Manassas, Virginia where they proudly became U.S. citizens. Olga joined 123abc Little Learners' Academy in 2010. She specializes in teaching through the five senses with a focus on science and fine art. She creates and directs the curriculum and instructional methodology for the preschool aligning all subjects to the Virginia Department of Education Kindergarten Scope and Sequence. In her role as Director of School, Olga Orlova plans the detailed monthly curriculum from toddlers through kindergarten. She works with the classroom teachers monthly and weekly to plan their daily lessons. Mrs. Orlova has been with 123abc Little Learners' Academy from the beginning, she is reason the academy has established ourselves as a school of high academic quality. Each year, some of Mrs. Olga's students have tested academically ready for 1st grade. She continues to lead the school's curriculum, and teaches the Jr.K/Kindergarten class. Olga's students boast very high results on their public and private school entrance exams. Each year a few of her students test out of kindergarten and are place directly into first grade.


Mrs. Breanna Chrisman, Toddler/ Young Two's Teacher

Mrs. Breanna Chrisman, is the lead teacher in the toddler/young 2's classroom. In her class, children take great leaps toward independence and learning techniques for patience and self-control in an active and loving environment. Breanna is in her very nature a kind and patient woman. She believes in that her young students need only hugs and encouragement as they explore and grow, so she directs her classroom with song based directions and silly movement games to gain the students' focus.