123abc Little Learner's Academy | Public Reviews
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We are glad we found 123 abc Little Learners Academy for our son. We are very happy with the care he is receiving in the infant room. (J.H. Parent) (July 2016)


“Very blessed to have found 123abc Little Learner’s Academy. My child is developing great communication skills. Really love the staff and appreciate all that they do. I feel they go above and beyond what is typically expected.” (M.G. Parent) (Sept 2015)
“This center had done wonders for my son (3 yrs). I have notice him grasping onto concepts and commands (safety wise: please it, don’t jump, etc…) which has led him to be happy. He has been taught sign language which helped him to communicate w/us before he could talk. I have never seen a child think logically like my son (door blocked, finds another way) and I believe it is b/c of this center.” (T. M. & J. M. Parents) (April 2015)


Our son has joined 123abc Little Learners' Academy in late 2013 and we can't say enough great things about this school. We are impressed with Online Webcam Services along with cleanliness of the facility. Our son was allergic to dairy and wheat products and the school has meal just for him. Thanks to Mrs. Orlova along with Mrs. Sandra, Mrs. Rosa, Mrs. Ita and entire Toddler team. The teachers are highly trained and caring staff with a wonderful attitude. You can tell they genuinely care for all the kids and take great care for them. Every day I enjoyed seeing the smile on my son's face. Therefore, I would highly recommend 123abc Little Learners' Academy to anyone. Keep it up! Pong & Ann (March 2014) (Parents)



I have a 1 year old daughter and a 3 year old son and they have both been at Little Learners’ Academy since they were 4 months old. Starting with Tobie in the infant room and continuing at each grade level the teachers have been warm and enthusiastic towards my kids. I was initially very reluctant to send my son to any daycare but he was (and still is) usually excited when he arrived and has become very sociable. He looks forward to seeing his friends and teachers each day and sometimes goes back to hug his old teachers as I walk him to the 3 year old room. My daughter has a huge smile when I hand her over to Tobie which tells me just as much as any words could that she’s being treated well, and of course being able to watch her and my son on camera is an added bonus I look forward to every day. They are also very well organized and keep the kids busy with activities and learning. In the 3 year old room they have daily reports of every subject my son is studying and also send out a detailed calendar at the start of every month. They have pictures of the infants on the wall at varying ages so you can see how much they’ve grown in the time they’ve spent there. The active infant room is a large space that keeps the babies engaged once they become strong and very curious crawlers. Both kids have had a very positive experience at Little Learners’ Academy and I highly recommend it to any parents looking for a daycare. (Mr.Parent. January 25th 2014)



I just want to let you know that I have seen such a change in my son since he has been at Little Learners. He really enjoys it there and he is much happier now as compared to when he was at the previous child care provider. I definitely will recommend your center to other parents. I am very pleased with the lessons and the kindness of his teachers. Thank you A.J. (School Teacher) (January 15, 2014)


After two years of attendance, today is Imani's last day at Little Learners and through a deluge of grateful and wistful tears, I want to thank Little Learners for all that you have done for me and my child. We will continue to pray that God watches over and keeps all of you safe, successful, and blessed. As the old song says, "Thanks for the memories..."(August 2013) (Parent)



Today was my son's last day of Kindergarten! While he's excited he's also sad to leave his friends and teachers. They have been great. I am very proud of my son.

(May 2013)( Mrs. S. Parent)


Little Learners Academy is the best school in Northern Virginia hands down. This faciity is clean and the staff is wonderful. My son and I looked at several centers and we were not satisfied until finding this beautiful place. Thanks be to God. Every morning my child wakes up excited, he enjoys his teachers and the friends he has made. I appreciate Lisa Newton and applaud her for all her hard work and efforts to keep this place going. My child loves coming here and it shows. I can honestly say God answered my prayers. Thank you Little Learners Academy !!!! I am one happy, pleased mom.


(April 2013)  (Ms. C.S., Parent)
I am thankful for my son's hearing and speech improvement. He started talking like every other baby around the right times then just stopped. Doctors thought the worst (this like Autism) until we finally found out that with his ear infections, he had fluid trapped behind his ears so he had tubes placed in them. I remember the first time he heard a loud noise and jumped. It's not a memory most people would have but it was a wonderful one for me! In January he started his little school and started talking at a rapid pace to where he's now above and beyond lots of kids in a regular preschool! He's just an amazingly smart little guy and I couldn't be more proud.
I am grateful for my son's school! Since day one Lisa, Michelle, and the ENTIRE family at Little Learners has made us feel like just that, a family. They've been there whenever we've needed them, they've help (name) grow and change in a way that not many schools could, and were even there through on of the biggest scares we've had with (name) being in the hospital. They're truly great people and we love them all!
(November 5th 2012) (Mrs. Mason, Parent)
Our family would like to thank you and your staff for a wonderful daycare and preschool experience for our daughter these last two years. We knew she would have excellent learning opportunities with her teacher, yet we were also pleased by your family friendly business. We personally appreciated your educator friendly contract, open communication and safe and health conscious environment for children. Your preschool program and staff have been remarkable and we would feel completely confident in referring Little Learners' to friends, neighbors and families with whom we work. Thank you for helping to prepare our daughter for her next phase of education.
(June 11, 2012) (Mr. & Mrs. Y Parents & Public School Educators)
So grateful we found Trey a wonderful daycare/school for him. We've been there two years now and they've been so wonderful to him and us. Some days I don't know what we would do without them. They truly love their kids as much as the parents.
(August 14, 2012) (Mr./Mrs. M. Parents)
I can't say enough wonderful things about 123abc Little Learners. The teachers are fantastic and really care for each and every child. Even at 18 months my little one loves his teachers and runs to give them hugs when we arrive. As a first time mom I was very picky about daycares and this place was heads above everywhere else I looked. The added bonus was I could watch my little one on the internet while I am at work.
(August 30,2011) (TotMom Parent)
My precious daughter is currently enrolled here and I only have praises for Lisa and her team of teachers. It was really hard for me at first to decide which daycare would be best for her. Honestly being a first-time mom, I was really hesitant to leave her to the care of someone else. But after visiting 123 ABC, and talking to the teachers, I felt this is the best place for her. For one, the center is so clean. You will notice it the moment you step in. But the one that won me over was being able to check on her all the time through www.watchmegrow.com. I felt confident leaving her there knowing at anytime I can just log-in and see what's going on. I highly recommend this school. (August 19, 2011) (Linda M, Parent)
Our son & daughter have been here for almost 2 years and we are very happy to recommend 123abc Little Learners. The school is immaculate. The kids bring home fantastic art work for our frig! Our children both love their teachers. It is really convenient for us, we leave our car at the school & walk to the VRE platform. (July 20, 2011) (AJ, parent)
“Little Learner’s Academy is a very nice school and I am sure I will recommend my friends also to put their children here. I am extremely happy that we are a part of this school.”
“We’re very happy with our school, because our kid is learning a lot. Thank you for taking care of my kid.”
“Our children enjoy attending Little Learners.”
(Anonymous Comments from Parent Survey June 2011)
“A wonderful preschool with people who really care about each child. I’ve had such a positive experience
for the past six months and would recommend to any parents searching for the right place for their
children. My daughter has been really happy and I am glad I’ve made the right choice.”
(March 2011) ( K. L. Parent)
“This is a great preschool. They help kids develop their own identity and teach them social skills. Not
only that, their program encourages the kids to be inquisitive. I highly recommend this place.”
(March 2011) ( F.D., Parent) 
“I came as a first time parent, and with no experience on how to pick a good place for my
baby. As soon as I walked in I found everything and more of what I was looking for: a wonderful family
bound staff, a safe and sanitary facility, and a great learning environment for when she move on to the
other classrooms. I don’t think I’d find a better place and I recommend it to any parent who needs the
top daycare in VA!”
(February 2011) (R. M., Parent)
“I enrolled my kid at 123 ABC Little Learners Academy over a year ago. I am extremely happy with the
preschool; my son loves this place and his teacher, Ms. Orlova. She does an excellent job at teaching
the Kindergarten class. My son has learned so much he is more than ready for 1st grade, not only he
has acquired the necessary knowledge, but also his social skills have improved tremendously. Mrs.
Newton and her staff are very dedicated. Mrs. Newton is always available to answer any questions I
might have. The daycare also has a camera system that I can access on-line. I can see my son anytime I
want while I am at work. This is the best daycare that my son has attended. The staff is very friendly and
professional. My son loves this place!! Love the webcam!!! Highly recommend it.”
(February 2011) (S. T., Parent)
“I was really hesitant to send my daughter to any daycare center at first. If it weren't for my
work, I would have spent all my time with her. But my worries turned out to be nothing when I
found 123abc little learners' academy. She really enjoys being with her teachers that I sometimes
get jealous ;) I would recommend this preschool to any working parent who might be a little hesitant
right now. You will not regret it. Caring teachers with a warm environment that makes your
kid feel welcome and loved. Also, I love the creative activities that easily engage children into
(December 2010,) (J. S., Parent)
“As an over protective mother, it took me six months to find the right daycare in the Manassas
area for my one-year-old son. After months of comparing and visiting daycare's, I chose 123abc
Little Learners' Academy in Manassas Park, VA.” “From the first moment I walked into the
daycare it was family/friendly oriented. I observed the faculty, the children, the cleanliness of
the daycare, and most of all how the children were being treated. The environment at the daycare
was full of life and the children seemed to enjoy their time with one another, as well as, the
teachers.” “The director of the daycare, Lisa Newton, took her time explaining the functions
of the daycare, the policies and regulations, safety rules, such as, conducting background
investigations on all staff members at the daycare, as well as, explaining the security code in
order to gain access into the daycare.” “Lisa answered all my questions and concerns and
made me feel very comfortable. She did not rush me into making a decision. She also advised
that my son's speech therapist was, more than, welcome to have her sessions with my son
during daycare hours.” “The final determination for me was being able to have access to
www.watchmegrow.com, which gave me the ability to see my son live anytime, anywhere and
see for myself that he was, in fact, okay...a big plus!” “It is now eight months later and my
husband and I are extremely pleased with the decision we made. Our son loves to go to school
(as my son and I call it) and is in a place where he is cared for on a daily basis and at the same
time receiving an education that will form the foundation in preparing him to enter into the
public/private school system.” “Thank you Lisa, Dalia, and Sandra”
(November 2010) (Mrs. R., Parent)
“I want to thank Mrs. Orlova for the wonderful job she did last year teaching my daughter. We decided she was to young to go into first grade so we repeated her Kindergarten year at our neighborhood public school. We have been told that her testing show she has completed all her Kindergarten goals already! She will be pulled out now for special advanced reading courses during the week. We are so thrilled!”
(November 2010) (Mr.and Mrs. G.N, Parents)